Grain Direction

Certain solid surface colors require consideration of the grain direction during design and fabrication   The direction may effect design, sheet layout, and sheet utilization. Please refer to the chart below on DuPont Corian colors that are directional. For LG Hi-Macs, the color Pantheon, is directional. 

Seam Placement 

When choosing the direction of grain in material, it is important to take into account seam placement. Some seams are impossible to avoid. An example is field seams. Field seams are seams placed specifically for the transportation and handling of the top for installation. All seams are subject to the discretion of our CAD department, also the fabricators. There are situations where grain/vein will not match up to the piece. We are limited to 30 x 144" sheets we cannot guarantee the outcome to be as favorable as one might anticipate. Customers can guarantee a better outcome by buying/ordering additional material for their order. 

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